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Welcome to John White Rooter Connection!

There aren’t many things that can go wrong in a home or building that require more immediate and sometimes desperate attention than a stopped up sewer drain. Because you need faster than fast action, we realize it’s very appealing to respond to that first big corporate Rooter ad in the phone book just to get things started. Many people do it just that way. But, if you’re like many others who are reluctant to call on a faceless corporate giant there are more attractive alternatives.

It seems that most rooter companies are now more interested in selling you sewer repairs and replacements instead of taking care of your actual drain-cleaning needs. Many rooter companies use video footage taken from your sewer to scare the untrained eye into exaggerated repairs when often all that’s needed is a proper cleaning of the sewer line.

John White Rooter Connection is much more than just a rapid response service provider. We are technical experts in every aspect of drain cleaning and Rooter service. We are very long on experience. We work the old fashioned way with honesty and integrity, bringing added value to our customers. We also work to provide the exact level of service you need to handle the situation — no more and no less. We won’t try to sell you something you don’t need.

John White Rooter Connection also performs Hydro Jetting (high pressure water cleaning for stubborn stoppages, i.e., aggressive root growth, grease, sand, sludge stoppages, etc.) and Certified Drain and Sewer Line Video inspections.

We believe that in servicing you to full satisfaction once, that you’ll call on us again when the need arises. It is by this simple philosophy that we have turned so many of our customers into friends over the last 27 years.

Mission Statement
To deliver high quality professional service while maintaining an old-fashioned work ethic of honesty and integrity to bring our customers value with every job.

John White Rooter Connection
3517 South Centinela Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Call: 310-397-7305


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